Ganglion Cysts

If you have noticed a lump on your wrist or at a joint of your finger or palm, you may likely have ganglion cyst. These cysts usually evolve from nearby joint linings or tendon sheaths. Though no specific cause may be determined it is often work or injury related. ganglion cysts may increase in size and occasionally disappear. The usual course, however, the cyst continues to increase and decrease in size and should be evaluated. Small cysts may only require observation unless the cyst is quite bothersome. Aspiration of the cyst is an option, but if the cyst is bothersome, unsightly, and fairly large in size, the best approach may be surgical excision. This is done as an outpatient usually under local or regional block anesthesia, depending on the size and location of the mass. Please call for further evaluation because early treatment often gets better results.

ganglion cyst

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