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If you have any questions about the following symptoms of vascular disease:
Pain in the calves of thighs while walking
An ulcer on the feet or hands that does not heal
Sudden weakness of your arms or legs
Transient loss of vision in one eye
Pain or discomfort in the lower extremities from varicose veins
Unsightly or painful spider veins

Or if you would like more information about the following vascular problems:

Aneurysm disease
Carotid artery disease
Lower extremity vascular disease
Vascular access for dialysis
Varicose veins
Spider veins
Non-healing lower extremity wounds
Carpal tunnel syndrome or other hand problems

Please contact us at:

Phone: 618-233-2500
1-800-427-3347 (in Southern Illinois)
Fax: 618-233-2520


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